You have reached the Parent Advisory Committee of Prince of Wales Secondary
Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! 欢迎!

This is a video about Covid in Schools from our last Meeting:

Our next PAC will take place online using the Zoom tool. More on that below.
All Positions on our Executive will be voted in at our first PAC Meeting in September 2020! This is your chance to volunteer for 2020/2021. We need your help.
Current PW PAC
PW PAC Parents in the Library before COVID

PAC NEWS: New Executives voted in Sept 21!

  1. President:  Do you have the passion for excellence and time?
  2. Vice-President:  Are you available to support the president?
  3. Treasurer:   Do you know accounting and budgeting?
  4. Secretary:  Can you take minutes and arrange for translations?
  5. Digital Communications:  Do you know WordPress and Mailchimp?
  6. Member-at-Large: Can you be there to volunteer at events?
  7. Activity Coordinator – MC Fair: – This is held around “Lunar New Year” and involves event planning skills
  8. DPAC Rep – attends the DPAC Meetings on behalf of PW


If you have any questions about joining the PAC 2020/2021, please let us know! The Handbook for Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) from the Vancouver School Board (VSB) can be seen here:


Joining a Zoom meeting will depend on your platform (android, ipad, Linux, IOS, Mac, PC etc.). Visit this link to learn more and to join a “Test Meeting”.


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