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Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! 欢迎!

Next Pac Meeting:
Monday, November 4, 2019 ON THE 2ND FLOOR IN THE PW LIBRARY 7 pm

PAC NEWS: New Executives voted in Sep 16

  1. President:  Cherry Doo
  2. Vice-President:  
  3. Treasurer:   Linda Li and Karen Li
  4. Secretary:  Grace Guo and Grace Yu
  5. Digital Communications:  Elke Porter
  6. Member-at-Large:
  7. Activity Coordinator – MC Fair:
PAC NEWS: As you know, the executive member positions (Vice-Chair, Activity coordinator – MC Fair, and Member-at-Large) are open. Elections will be held at our first PAC meeting on 4th November, 2019 ( Monday) at 7pm in our school library . All parents are welcome. If you would like to run for office, please contact us at info@pwpac.caimmediately! No experience necessary! http://www.pwpac.ca.
Student Success – Thursday September 26, 7 – 9 pm, Room 180, Vancouver Education Centre, 1580 West Broadway. This is the first DPAC general meeting of the school year and will include a presentation by District Superintendent of Schools Suzanne Hoffman on work the VSB has been doing, including consulting with students, to deepen its understanding of what constitutes student success. Fostering student success is one of the underlying priorities intended to guide VSB policy and practice; come out with your questions to learn how that’s going!
Just a friendly reminder , don’t forget to do the donation for PW PAC in our school cash online. Thank you!!

PW Parent Advisory Council Direct Appeal 2019-2020

Each year, our teachers and students benefit from additional funds to pay for projects and activities that enhance their learning experiences. We are appealing to our community for the 2019-2020 school year. Our target is to fund improved learning opportunities for our students in all subject areas. For example: musical instruments, equipment and technology in our teaching labs (science, math, computers and auditorium), the purchase new athletic equipment and uniforms, and the creation of common area learning spaces for our students.

We are appealing to parents and families to support our students with a suggested $100 per student. Every dollar counts and will be gratefully received. We know that with your help, we can achieve our goal of


We ask that all donations be made online with School Cash Online. A tax receipt will be issued for donations of $20 or more. Please include your name and address to receive a receipt and it will be automatically sent to you by the VSB.   See below for                                                                   instructions.


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