By | October 9, 2015

DPAC has established two committees and we ask parents who are interested in improving the effectiveness of DPAC to assist us.

The time commitments for participating in these committees is estimated at under 1 meeting per month, plus limited email interaction.

Attendance to DPAC meetings is not required (but always encouraged).

Free/reimbursed childcare is available.

(1) Financial Committee
Goal: Set up and monitor all matters of financial governance of the Vancouver DPAC
Desired: Treasurer experience of a PAC or professional accounting experience.
Executive members: Iraj Kabazian – Member-at-large, Shawn Kalley – member-at-large
Contact: Alex Dow, DPAC treasurer:

(2) Constitutional Committee
Goal: Update the constitution and bylaws to modernize, address known issues
Desired: Experience preparing / updating bylaws or constitutions for your PAC,
charity or non-profit.
Executive members: Morgane Oger – Secretary, Shawn Kalley – Member-at-large
Contact Morgane Oger, DOAC secretary –

Warmest regards,

Morgane Oger