By | October 14, 2015

PW Ski and Snowboard Club 2015/2016

Payment Form**

Print very clearly please:

Student’s name:_______________________________________ Age:_____________

Student’s Number: _________________________ Grade: ____________

Student Contact Email: _____________________________________________________________

Student Cell Phone: __________________________ Parent Cell _________________________

Parent Email ________________________

Please check the dates you will be going to:

  • January 29 Friday
  • February 26 Friday
  • March 11 Friday

* No experience needed, this is a great opportunity to learn how to board or ski

* We are happy to take beginners, the mountain staff will teach you in a safe environment

* If you are an experienced boarder or skier, you will be with a group at your skill level

* Busses depart at 6 am from PW, please do not be late. We should return at 5:30 p.m.

* We are travelling with Charter Bus Line, a modern, well equipped bus with washrooms and movies as you travel. Each bus will hold $ 56 passengers. (see below)

* Parents, are you interested in joining us, there is room. Please do so, same costs.

* For more information contact Mr. Derpak or Mr. Smith


* djsmith

Please fill out the attached form and submit your cheque to Mr. Derpak or Mr. Smith or take to the office and they will give it to us.

**Note: We offer a Ski Club & Team at PW. This form is for our club.

COSTS PER TRIP (Please complete the chart based on trips and check totals)

Write the dollar amount in each box and total the amount at the bottom. Lunch is optional.

Cheque Total________________________________________

Please make cheques out to Prince of Wales Secondary. Hand this form to Mr. Derpak or Mr. Smith.

For each trip, payment and confirmation need to be in 3 weeks before the trip.

  • * For January 29, due on Dec 18th
  • * For February 26, due on February 4th
  • * For March 11, due on February 19th

Dates of each Trip January 29 February 26 March 11

Session only

(You have a pass and your equipment) $46 (all snowboarders/skiers have a lesson and will ski all day with a guide. At no point are students alone on the hill). You have a pass and your equipment)

Lift Pass & Session

$57 (This means you have your own equipment but need a lift pass)


Pass/Session/and Rental $77 (this means you did not have a pass or equipment


Food Voucher $15.50 (optional Value of $17.50)


Transportation $42.10 required. $42.10 $42.10