By | December 9, 2015

New Form for Teachers/Coaches/Sponsors/Parents

When filling out this form to request funds, in 2016, please have the following information ready:

1. Name of Group or Club or Class or Program or Department
2. # of Students in the group (with a grade breakdown, if possible)
3. Is there a time deadline to your request?
4. What other sources of funding have you looked into?
5. Will you have any other partial funding for this? (fundraising, payments by participants, VSB, etc.)
6. Rational for Request – how will this help students or help building up the PW Community – linkage to funding criteria, school goals, lastings benefits, new program inclusion of many etc.)
7. Whether or not you have received PAC funding in the past.

You can also attach any supporting documents/information to the back of this requisition. You may contact PAC directly if you have questions regarding their final decision.

Here is the report to print out in .pdf format:  PW PAC fund request form



Note that for year 2016/17, the deadline to apply for PAC fund is April 2016 for May 18 PAC meeting approval.The distribution of the fund can be done as early as September 2016 when funds are collected from parents’ donation and grants.