By | December 17, 2015

Hi, if you have any pictures of events taken at the school, and you can send them along to the webmaster, that would be great.  Here are some considerations:

  1.  Students should only be shown in groups, far away or if they are your own children and you approve of them being online or on Facebook.
  2. Food, sports equipment, artwork etc. can be shown
  3. Students can also be shown from behind in a group
  4. Be cautious before showing other adults/teachers unless you have written permission
  5. Same deal for videos.

Thank you for your help.  Here are some pictures of the November PAC Potluck:

PW PAC PotluckPW PAC Potluck 2015PW PAC Cold ChickenPotluck 4PW Potluck 4PW Potluck 3
PW Potluck Noodles & PastaPW Potluck ChickenPW PAC Deserts