By | January 9, 2016

Please join Principal Dave Derpark for a

Course Planning GuideCourse Planning Night for parents of Gr 8 to 11

Wednesday, January 27th, 6:30 pm
Locations depend on what Grade your child attends.

We will meet at 6;30 pm in the auditorium, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Hornby run the information sharing. They break up in 2 groups. Gr 8 and 9 go to one room and Gr 10 and 11 in the other. The senior students get details on the Graduation programs and the other students get information on courses and electives.

Students begin the process of selecting courses for their next school year in mid-January. Working with their counsellors, students select a full program of studies which meet both graduation requirements as well as future educational plans. A course selection evening is also held at this time, so that parents/guardians can be informed of the selections and choices available.

Prior to the Spring Break, all students will have completed their course selections. These choices are entered into the computer.

Here is the specific link to the course planning guide for Prince of Wales Secondary:


  1. Review the Graduation Requirements.
  2. Review the Course Selection Process.
  3. Review the Course Descriptions as listed in the navigation bar, and determine what prerequisites must be met, if any.
  4. Choose courses which you feel would be most suitable to your interests, abilities and possible future vocation.( has the BC post-secondary information)
  5. Consider your courses carefully. Students are expected to complete each course for whichthey sign up.

Here is some generic information that applies to all students in all secondary schools in the Vancouver School Board District:

Students are required to take a minimum of 80 credits in Grades 10, 11 and 12 in order to receive the Dogwood Graduaon Diploma. Students are encouraged to take a program which is balanced but also geared toward their post secondary focus. It is highly recommended that all students research post secondary prerequisite courses when making long-range plans.

Every student will have an individual schedule which must operate within the framework of facilies, staff availability, me allot- ments, graduaon requirements (set by the Ministry of Educaon), post-secondary entrance requirements, and student choice. Scheduling of student choices is done by computer. Because there are so many choices available a number of “conflicts” may occur in the creaon of the school’s metable and the scheduling of students’ first choice subjects. These conflicts will not prevent development of a graduaon program, but may affect the choice of courses (example, two courses offered only once falling in the same me period). Every effort will be made to provide students with the courses desired.

All students in Grades 8 through 11 must take eight courses at PW. All students in Grade 12 must take seven courses at PW. The task for now is to plan your courses carefully and ensure a great start to your next school year.