By | March 30, 2016


As we entered our school this morning following Spring Break, we were met by the entire walkway of our school covered in positive graffiti. Message were written on our walkway in chalk, welcoming and encouraging students. What a lovely way to be greeted. This was the work of a small group called SOAK, Small Acts of Kindness. The group is led by a teacher who remains anonymous as do the committee members. They do not seek attention, only ways to support kindness in our school, and they do a great job.

Dance in the rainOther work they have done is making new staff personalized mugs, putting positive sticky notes on all lockers and nice posters in the hall with free chocolates.
While many schools and school districts struggle with the high cost of vandalism and graffiti, students are working hard here to make the climate both welcoming and positive.
What an amazing addition to a great school climate.
Dave Derpak
Prince of Wales Secondary