By | March 30, 2016

Students, Parents, Teachers & Principals!

I’m writing to share a new initiative in BC that features a free and fully developed website for parents in addition to a free and fully developed website for teachers. The topic is financial literacy.
Dollars of Dance - BallerinasLast year, 2020 schools and 400,000 students participated in Talk With Our Kids About Money Day across Canada. This year the date is April 20th, 2016.
Research shows the importance of starting early in order to promote the development of positive skills, attitudes and behaviours towards money.
Please encourage your school to register and explore the free lesson plans and activities. If the teachers don’t have time, please share this information with your parents.
Most people agree that our graduates need to be more prepared for their financial futures. Our non-profit, non-partisan organization has a plan to create meaningful impact in this area and TWOKAM Day is our start in BC.

Kumi Abercrombie
BC Coordinator
Talk With Our Kids about Money Day
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Please feel free to download this poster and to share it with your family and friends in Vancouver:
Poster to Share