By | May 7, 2016

As many of you will know from our meeting on Wednesday evening this week, we have now crafted an official PAN statement to the Govt regarding the VSB budget.

We believe in addition to all the parent letters/emails to Mr Bernier and MLAs etc and the continued social media work, that we need to send an official statement.

Our goal is simple but time is short to:

1) Get as many parent/guardian/citizen/Vancouverite “signatures” on our statement

2) Submit the statement with signatories by email on Tuesday May 10

SO to your action – 

If you believe as we do that the Govt should fund public education adequately and you believe in the work PAN is doing, we ask you to “sign” our statement letter.

Please sign as yourself, or on behalf of your PAC or as a citizen concerned for public education.

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of PAN – it only matters that you believe in what the letter has to say and you feel you can stand with PAN in pushing back to the Minister of Education.

Please share the link/email with your parent networks and we will submit the letter with as many signatories as we can gather between Fri May 6 and end of day Mon May 9