By | May 12, 2016

Hi Parents of PW!

I heard that PAC would like to support Student Council’s last event of the year, the Year-End Carnival. We would absolutely love your support and aid! The Carnival will be held on Tuesday, May 31st, on the field between the Mini School and the Main School from 11:35am-1:00pm (however, set-up would be at 10:30am).

At our last meeting the council and I discussed some ways in which PAC could do that–and we came up with this list:

Henna/Face Painting – we wanted to set up a booth for students to get their faces painted or henna done. Student Council will take care of the supplies, but we were wondering if there were any parents on PAC who have experience with either henna or face paint, and would like to come out and help. The volunteer would arrive at school before the official start of the Carnival, so at around 11:00am.

Bubble Ball at Prince of Wales SecondarySupervision of Activities – for this year’s Carnival, we have organized several large-scale activities for the students, and we would like some parent or teacher volunteers to provide safety supervision for each:

– Slip ‘n’ Slide (four parent volunteers)

– Dunk Tank (one parent volunteer)

– Hamster Ball Race (two parent volunteers)

– Obstacle Course (two parent volunteers)

– Sumo Wrestling (one parent volunteer)

– Tug of War (one parent volunteer)

The volunteers would arrive before the official start of the event as well, so at 11:00 am or earlier.

If any parents on PAC would like to help out with these positions, please e-mail me and our teacher sponsors, Ms. De Iaco ( and Ms. Power (

Thank you so much!