By | September 12, 2016

R time is very simple. With such a diverse population, and given the high percentage of E.L.L. Learners, many of whom, along with Internationals do not ask questions. R time can be as it is now, teach the additional 5 minutes, or release the class, take some time to recheck, review with small groups of individuals. Teachers can also take this time to regroup and reset for the next class. This could be as simple as a washroom break or picking up a coffee or water.

* Recheck

* Review

* Regroup

* Reset

* Reassess

* Refocus

* Reach

* Reteach in small groups or as individuals

* Rectivate

* Ready

* Readapt

R Time, the hope is it will support teachers, restructure a small part of our day, but give us the chance to reach more students.

Prince of Wales has a very diverse population, maybe the most unique in B.C:

* 112 Trek Kids

* 56 Gold learners

* 16 LSP students

* 147 International students

* 150 Mini school learners

* A high % of ELL learners and many that have just timed out

* Many students from a high achieving community with high expectations