By | October 18, 2016

PW Peer Tutoring Program

As our school years moves on to into month 3 and we head into interim time and November
If you have any students in need of any extra help, either remedial or enrichment, please feel free to encourage them to come to the cafe on any morning for help and assistance
The hope is to have students develop the responsibility and desire to make decisions around their own education, but a gentle reminder or nudge is always a reflection of caring and in many cases needed
PW Peer TutorMany students just may not know this service is offered
We have 39 Peer Tutors, trained and ready to help, each day there are 2 teachers as well to assist and organize the program
On Mondays, we have Math Mondays set up and we have 2 to 3 math teachers on hand to help
We have assistance in all subjects from Spanish, to French and all academic subjects
We will even assist ELL learners with additional conversational English
Our Peer Tutors are decked out in Blue Peer Tutor shirts
As students enter our school each morning, they are greeted by our Peer Tutors, we have Peer Tutors to welcome them to the cafe and students to assist them
Students can approach Peet Tutors in these shirts (see below) or approach Mr. Egilson or myself and we can direct them to help
Each table has a Blue sign on it, English, Senior Math, Spanish etc where we have experts seated and willing to help
If you have any suggestions or idea, please feel free to share them.