By | February 17, 2017

I would just like to remind you of my request for suggestions of parents who could help with the CSL Parent Focus Group.

Parent Focus Group:

? Will meet 2-3 times during this process (March –October) to:

? obtain parental input and thoughts around what they would like to see in report cards (soon);

? provide input on proposed templates (start of next school year)

? Principals asked to alert parents to this opportunity, DPAC will do the same

? Please select/collect names and emails and forward to Nancy

Parent Focus Group Composition:

? 2 DPAC Executive members

? 2 parents of students in Kindergarten

? 2 parents of students in gr. 1-3

? 2 parents of students in gr. 4-7

? 2 parents of student in gr. 8-9

? 2 parents of students in gr. 10-12

? 2 parents of students with special needs

? 2 parents of students with an ELL background

? Eastside/Westside representation

? Representation of a variety of choice programs, mini schools, etc.

If you could share this information with interested parents and forward me their names, email addresses and which “role” they fulfill within the list above, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Nancy Brennan
Associate Superintendent
Vancouver School District
1580 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6J 5K8