By | May 9, 2017

PW Africa Calling Club

Our four primary goals are:

Discarded cell phones

Discarded cell phones

  • Saving lives by collecting unwanted working cell phones and redistributing them to poor remote villages in Africa to act as medical life-lines.
  •  Helping disadvantaged people within Canada by providing cell phones to women’s and homeless shelters through various social service agencies.
  •  Lessening the environmental impact caused by cell phones that are being improperly discarded into landfills. Every year on a worldwide basis hundreds of millions of cell phones are being discarded into landfills, not recycled.
  • Introducing the benefits of service learning projects in our efforts to integrate the Human Factor model of education into the standard curriculum throughout Canada.

By donating cell phones and chargers to Africa Calling, together, we will reduce the numbers,and save lives in the process. Kindly drop them off in the office or pass them to me directly.

For more information please visit our website at: Africa Calling 



Thank you,

Mr. Dave Derpak