By | June 11, 2017

Hi, this is Elke, the webmaster of the PW PAC Website.

I am happy to post pictures, stories, articles and updates.

I just need to have a minimum amount of information.

1. Each blog post should try to be around 250 words or so.

2 Each picture needs to be clearly labelled – who is in it

3. Each event should have:
a. Title
b. Link to website
c. Dates and times
d. Who is involved
e. Where was it? What venue?
f. Background info

4. Format your images to around 1000 pixels or less – or I will have to do this myself.

5. Try to let me know a good contact person, in case I have more questions.

Finally, every picture needs to have parental permission before posting – this is especially important, if there are other people than just your child in the picture.

Thank you! This will make my life much easier