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Parent Involvement = Student Success


Ducks in a row.The family-school-community connection really does make a difference. Common sense and research tells us that parent involvement increases student success in school and in life. Recent research studies on parental involvement in education found that:

  • The family makes critical contributions to student achievement from preschool through high school
  • When parents are involved at school as well as at home, students do better and stay in school longer
  • When a critical mass of parents is involved, the whole school improves.


This year, make a difference by supporting student learning at home and at school by getting involved in the activities of the school and the PW PAC.

The purpose of the PAC is to support, encourage, and improve the quality of education and well being of students in our school by providing advice to the school principal and staff on matters related to school programs, policies, plans and activities.

PAC meetings are held on five times a year in the PW library, starting at 7:00p.m.  PAC meetings usually include short reports from the PAC chairperson, treasurer, School Planning Council reps, school principal, student council rep, school staff rep, parent education committee, Mini-school rep, TREK rep, and other reports, as necessary.

Is there something you would like to say to us? We want to hear it. Please contact us at info@pwpac.ca.

PW PAC Constitution and Bylaws updated 2013 05 27

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