Fundraising Info

Request to Parents:

Dear parents of Prince of Wales Secondary School,

Here is the PW PAC Funding Wish List 2015/2016 (Click on the word “wishlist”)

Thank you to all those who are supporting the teachers, the parents and most of all, our children!

Here is a link to our Mission Statement.

Dear Families:

Thanks to the generosity of PW Parents and the gaming grant, we were able to allocate $38,715 toward the teachers’ wish list. About $14,000 remains to be allocated; it could be used for programs to build up the PW community and enhance students’ extracurricular activities. Suggestions from parents, students, and teachers are welcome. Please note that if you make a suggestion regarding an extracurricular activity, it will depend on both feasibility and implementation since it involves teacher time and abilities. Please send any “PAC Fund Request Appellation” for the use of these additional funds to Annie Wang (PAC Treasurer) with the completed form as seen below. by January 6, 2016.

On this page, we will post fundraising requests, ideas or events.  Our main goal is to get a Finance Committee organized that will also not only take on fundraising, but decide how to fairly allocate any funds the PAC receives.

Please download the Direct Appeals Letter here – in English

Please download the Direct Appeals Letter here – in Mandarin

PAC funding is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities, including for example:
· Student publications: newsletters, yearbooks;
· Student competitions: writing, debating, chess, music;
· Student computers: software, hardware, accessories;
· Student societies: drama club, student society;
· Student ceremonies: graduation, dry grad;
· Student conferences or educational field trips within BC;
· Uniforms and equipment for extracurricular activities;
· Sports or playground equipment;
· Awards and trophies;
· Scholarships and bursaries for post secondary education (paid directly to students);
· Capital acquisitions directly benefiting students, such as playground equipment;
· Student transportation and travel within BC; and
· With prior branch approval, student transportation and travel outside BC, where the student group:
· Is representing its school as a result of merit achieved through organized competition;
· Is competing in a sport that involves cross border travel;
· Has been selected because of its level of creative achievement or success; or
· Is entered in a recognized competition in which there is a formal evaluation or adjudication process. [Note: out of province field trip(s) are not eligible uses of PAC funds.] Grant funds to PACs and parent organizations may be accumulated for up to three years without prior approval from the branch.