Clubs Wishlist

Support our Students (SOS)

Each club has a teacher sponsor, but is usually run by the students for the students.  They turn to the PAC (parent advisory group) if they have a need for resources, tools, materials, supplies or donations of all kinds.

Please be generous and check back on this page frequently. Here is one example, but there are many more.  Students also collect items for charity, for specific fundraisers or to support the Student Council.  We are happy to be partners in extracurricular education.

Dear parents of Prince of Wales Secondary School,
This Is the Founder of PW English Club. Our club is currently looking for some board & card games to help promote speaking.  if you have any used or extra games at home, ( Examples: Scrabble, Slam, Scattorgories, Bananagram, Apples to Apples) please bring them to the school office along with a tag (To PW English Club/Mrs. Janice Lam). The whole club will be most grateful for your generosity.  Thank you to the parents who have already donated a few games.
Andy Sun