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SACY Teen Engagement Program

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Thank you for participating in SACY parent events – from workshops, to youth forums, to supporting student events. I am writing to highlight a unique three-day prevention education opportunity SACY offers to students.

As our children mature, they are more regularly faced with opportunities to use substances (drink alcohol, smoke cannabis or tobacco, attend parties, hang out with peers who use, etc.).  Health education and critical thinking skills become more important to their good decision-making.

That is an area where SACY offers to students the SACY Teen Engagement Program (STEP).  Take a look below for more details. STEP may or may not be appropriate for your children, now or in the future—it is, however, one important resource for families and schools to be aware of.

Who attends? 

The program is best suited to secondary students who could use support in strengthening their own decisions. These students might:

–         Have friends who are using cannabis (weed) or alcohol

–         be attending parties

–         be expressing curiosity or knowledge about drugs and alcohol

–         have loved ones whose substance use might be affecting their lives

–         be using substances themselves, impacting their school work or relationships.

What is STEP?

STEP is a three-day intensive program offered to youth who can benefit from prevention education and personal reflection. About 30% of the program looks at youth development and  issues surrounding alcohol or other drugs. The other 70% focuses on self-reflection combined with

–         Risk mitigation

–         Decision making

–         Healthy relationships

–         Critical thinking skills.

The days are interactive and lively. A lot of discussion and teaching occurs through activities and games.  We always focus on young people’s strengths, and encourage students to re-engage with their goals and to explore things they are curious about as way to discover their passions.  Many students choose to come to STEP to develop strategies for positive growth.

STEP runs every week from Tuesday through Thursday9:30am– 2:00pm.  We work with the school and counselors to support students in choosing the best week to attend and to have permission to miss classes.  Students may attend with a friend.

If you are interested in more information, please visit our website (www.vsb.bc.ca/SACY/STEP ),  or contact me with questions or concerns.

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Student quotes: 

This program has helped me to see things from multiple points of view, I will think about my actions differently.  

I feel like I have more knowledge to make better decisions.

This week wasn’t really about substance use it was about who I am and what kind of choices I want to make. 

Alexandra Wilson, M.Ed.

District SACY Parent & Family Engagement Stream Lead

“connection is prevention”


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