District SACY Parent & Family Engagement

What is SACY?

Supporting and Connecting Youth (SACY) – Substance Use Health Promotion Initiative engages Vancouver parents, teachers, students, administrators and the greater community to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention and early-intervention programs and policies. The goal of SACY is to: Enhance the prevention and brief intervention infrastructure in VSB schools and surrounding community to prevent substance use, delay substance use and reduce substance use related problems.

At SACY we believe that young people that feel connected to their schools, who have supportive family, and have adult allies and mentors are stronger, healthier and better able to live up to their full potential.

SACY staff and allies are committed to listening to their experiences and supporting them in the prevention, delay and reduction of substance use. Check out the SACY Website www.vsb.bc.ca/SACY

SACY Parent Engagement Stream

Experience has shown that youth with strong connections to family are less likely to use substances in a problematic way. SACY Parent Engagement Workers help equip caregivers to support youth to flourish emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

Our staff work in secondary schools and communities, offering support for caregivers of teens and preteens. They also host workshops that focus on understanding the developmental changes of adolescence, practical strategies to work together with youth, and communication and relationship-building skills that can strengthen parent-teen relationships. They are also available to connect parents and caregivers with community resources and supports to keep families strong and healthy.

Due to Covid-19 workshops are held on online, for more information on dates and times please contact your school Parent Engagement Worker.

STEP (SACY Teen Engagement Program):

STEP is a structured three-day program focusing on health promotion and prevention. At STEP youth are given the opportunity to participate in activities that encourage self-reflection by engaging in meaningful dialogue in a safe, supportive environment.

Youth will get the chance to explore such topics as values and strengths, coping, reducing harm, boundaries and healthy relationships, mental health/wellness and drug education.

Our hope for youth after they attend STEP is that they have felt heard and supported, and gained an understanding of their own strength and resilience, and have left with more tools to deal with life challenges.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!!

Sandie Rai

SACY Parent Engagement Worker and

STEP Co-Facilitator skrai@vsb.bc.ca

Cell: 604 816 4854 www.vsb.bc.ca/SACY