Donors Circle

We would like to acknowledge our special donors on this page.

Support our 2017 Fundraising Initiative


Build a “Learning Commons” for all students!

Students at Prince of Wales Secondary School need your help to bring their dreams to life. Please support this year’s goal to upgrade our Learning Commons (the former Library).  Our goal i$50,000 to achieve this dream. Any amount you give will help.  You will receive a tax receipt for any donation of $20 or more!
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3-Year Application of Funds as approved by PAC

Accepted for 2016 to 2018 Find it here:  Presentation PAC $$1

Example:  Year one

$35  k to Library Learning Lab ($38 k total)
$ 5 k to PE
$ 5k to Sc
$ 5k to library furniture
Total $ 50 k

Our ultimate goal is to raise at least $50,000, as we are committed to $38,000 for the computers and still have to cover Student Council, Spirit Awards, and all the other ongoing PAC expenditures. For anyone donating:
Gold Donor Diamond Level Sponsor Emerald



Emerald –

We would like to acknowledge the following donors for their generous contribution!

Emerald Donor!

Si Meng Lou donated $2000


Diamond Donor!

Emma Wong & Family donated $1,000


Gold Donors!
Lee Wenhui donated $500!

Yuan Yi Liu donated $500

Sally Zhong donated $500


If you would like to see your name on this page, please e-mail our webmaster, Elke Porter.

We will not achieve our goals at Prince of Wales Secondary, without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of all parents and donors.  Thank you so much!