PAC Volunteers 2017/2018

This list will be continually updated as more volunteers sign up.

6 PAC Executives for 2017/2018

  1.  Chair
    Sophia Zhang (Grade 12 Parent)
  2. Vice-Chair
    Wenhuo (Lee) Li
  3. Treasurer
    Cherry Doo
  4. Secretary
    Michelle Krakowski
  5. Communication/E-Newsletter Editor
    Elke Porter/Hilary Feldman
  6. Webmaster
    Elke Porter


Fundraising Committee

Staff Appreciation Committee
Ellen Du, Sherry Qiao, Nancy Cao

Staff Appreciation Committee
Simone Liu, Karen Zhou, Hong Liu, Grace Yao, Joanne Wong, Sun Qing, Nicole Diao, Xi Chen, Serena Fan, Mzao Wezdan, Zhou Xin, Wang Hong

Parent Education Committee
Maryam Hatami

Chinese Liaison Committee
Jane Wu, Jade Chang and Grace Yao

Translation Team Lead Translator
Shirley Liu

Translation Committee
Grace Gao, Jade Chang, Iris Xie, Kelly Kang, Annie Lu, Teresa Lin(Tie li Lin), Tiffany Tan, Serena Lu, Helen Yu, Ellen Du, Shirley Liu, Dan Zheng

PAC Meeting Refreshment Committee


School Representatives

Mini School Rep

Trek Rep

Gold Program Rep

PW Community Music Society Rep
Cherry Doo

Ivy Leung

Grade 8 to 12 Volunteers

Grade 8 Rep

Grade 9 Rep
Grace Zhong and Joanne Wong

Grade 10 Rep

Grade 11 Rep

Grade 12/Grad Rep:

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Please send your feedback regarding the website to

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