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Postcard Campaign for Education Funding!

As a result of the Select Standing Committee on Finance & Government Services recommendations which found that the top priority for British Columbians is K-12 education funding, the Parent Advocacy Network (PAN) in conjunction with Families Against Cuts to Education (FACE), has started a postcard campaign targeting the provincial government.

The goal of the campaign is to deliver thousands of postcards declaring “I stand with the Standing Committee” to the Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, in time for him to make his New Years Resolutions. The postcard includes the Committee’s list of recommendations for K-12 funding and a space to offer up your own comments.

In addition to passionate discussion on social media and support from many schools in Vancouver, PAN has already received numerous requests for postcards from around the province. We now hope that you and your school will join us in sharing postcards with fellow parents, neighbours, family and friends and collect as many postcards as possible. In early January, we will make a bulk delivery and a big statement to the Minister of Education demonstrating that parents will be holding his government accountable to adequately fund public education.

Here’s how you can participate and help make a change:


Print your own at your school or office with the attached PDF or through this public link:
If you are in Vancouver, but are unable to print your own, you may also pick up a stack of ready-made postcards by contacting:
Kelly Read at (East Side),
Gili Avrahami at (West Side) or
Corine Wilems at (Downtown)

Download your postcard .pdf here! PAN Vancouver Postcard


If you are in Vancouver, please drop off bundles of completed postcards at one of these e-mails:
Kelly Read at (East Side),
Gili Avrahami at (West Side) or
Corine Wilems at (Downtown)
Alternatively, if you live in Vancouver, you can bring completed postcards in person to our January PAN meeting at the Tipper Restaurant (backroom) on January 4, 2016 at 7pm.
For those outside of Vancouver, please collect postcards within your school or community and mail them directly to Mike Bernier’s constituency office in the New Year.

Thank you for participating in the Postcard Campaign!

Together we can make a difference!

Public Education in BC Poster

Public Education VSB Parent Advocacy to BC Gov’t SSC  – English

PW PAN presentation handout – Chinese


“Structural underfunding is forcing school boards, who are bound by law to balance budgets, to increase class sizes, reduce programming, cut support staffing, resource workers, councillors, librarians, specialist teachers and the list goes on. The reality, experienced every day, in public schools across BC is that present funding is insufficient to meet the needs of all learners.

As a result, parents, who are able, are increasingly pressured to spend inordinate amounts of time fundraising or pay out of pocket to provide their children with the most basic educational resources.  These include playground equipment, access to art and music programs, art supplies, musical instruments, school readers and digital technology.”

Here is a PAN presentation to the VBE regarding the Proposed response to the EY report to the Special Advisor’s Report:


“If complied with, a target of 95% (capacity rationalization target), WOULD require massive restructuring and upheaval across the district, the closer of instructional spaces not currently used for enrolling purposes, widespread school closures and the consequent amalgamation and redistribution of student populations into a smaller number of new “right-sized Facilities.”

PAN presentation to VBE re proposed response to EY report


Most serious is the 95% capacity rationalization target recommended in the EY report (recommendation 6.18). The VBE response uses the language of “consideration”, the MOU signed with the ministry in August 2014 suggests that this 95% target has ALREADY been agreed upon as does the fact that staff are currently working on a LRSFP (Long Range Strategic Facilities Plan) for achieving this goal through the SMP (Seismic Mitigation Plan).