June 2015 PW PAC Minutes

Minutes of a Meeting on June 23, 2015 after PAC Social and Wind up at Linda’s parents’ place from 7-9pm

Present: Linda, Julia, Cynthia, Nelson, Betty and Elke

Social: Jim Burnham, Andy Wilson, Rupi Samari, Dave Deprak, Ms. Landers, Mandy, Annie, Miranda

A thank you gift was given to Jim Burnham for his 5 years at PW and a thank you gift to Victor for being the Co-Chair for the past 3 years. Julia will see Victor and pass on the gift to him.

PAC dates for 2015/2016 year – Julia will go to see Charlene, secretary at PW to find out the availability for PAC meetings’ dates. One meeting in Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar. and May. The meetings will stay on Mondays but Linda will look for a new room, more appropriate. Maybe the Trek room.

Volunteers for Orientation Meeting for Grades 8 – Cynthia, one of our Chinese Liason Rep and Mary Ann Lo has volunteered to be present at the Gr. 8 orientation in September. Julia will confirm date with Charlene. Linda will send a confirmation e-mail to Mary-Ann that she will attend with Cynthia.

Julia will ask Charlene about the process of advising Gd 8 parents of the orientation meeting.

Webmaster/Communication Liason Rep – Elke needs to talk to Tina about the website then she will e-mail us for the pre-paid Visa card for $300. Annie and Julia will have to deal with this.

PAC Volunteer email address list – Linda will compile and send out a list of the PAC’s volunteers’ e-mail addresses to Elke.

Direct Appeals Letter – Cynthia was able to share the problems she had about donating money and how to send it to the office. The donation box was not visible to the students. Julia will make sure the PAC donation box is visible in the office before school starts.

Translation at PAC meetings – Linda will ask Dave, our new Principal to write out his report for PAC meetings and to read it slowly for the Chinese parents. Linda will like to look into the translation of that report at PAC meetings.

Signing Officers – According to the Constitution, the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer may be signing officers. New signing officers for 2015-2016: Linda, Annie, and Clare. Linda has requested Julia to have her remain a signing officer due to convenience. They will have to go to the bank to make the change.

New Finance Committee – Linda mentioned that this committee must be formed at the first PAC meeting in order to decide where the fundraising monies are going to.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia S.