Student Bulletin 2015/2016

Freaky Frisby1. PW LIBRARY IS OPEN FOR SUMMER READING CHECKOUT: Check out the books all summer long! If you have overdue books you will have return or renew them first. All books not returned or renewed by June 11 will be invoiced as a lost book to you.
See Ms. Lam or Ms. Brett in the library if you questions about your borrower account.
Ms. Lam & Ms. Brett (19)

2. END OF YEAR CARNIVAL AND YEARBOOK DISTRIBUTION: The Carnival will take place on Tuesday, June 23rd from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Yearbooks will be distributed at that time. Food vouchers will be sold during Reading Break and Lunch in the front hall TODAY (Tues., June 16th) to Thurs., June 18th. If you do not want to be disturbed, please close your door.
Ms. DeIaco (18)

3. PW SPIRIT WEAR AND P.E. STRIP: Be prepared for 2015/16 school year and order your PW Spirit Wear and P.E. strip online by August 1st. Your gear will arrive September 8th.
C. Guraliuk (25)

4. ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Please note that the last day for students to leave a lock on their locker is June 24th. However, it is greatly appreciated if you could remove your lock before this date. We ask that all students to please dispose all garbage from their lockers and return all school books to the appropriate teacher. Thank You.
Mr. Wilson (19)

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