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Learning to Study with Your Brain in Mind

You can make this your child’s best year ever in school!

Smart students have secrets. What does it take to be a superior student? The most important secret is a great study strategy! Terry Small’s student success system shows your kids how to take charge of their time and succeed! Parents and students attend this seminar together to learn proven strategies and study secrets that have helped 230,000 students to excel.

“If you ever get a chance to hear Terry Small speak you MUST go. He is amazing! ”                                                            – Anne Youngs, Chapel Glen Elementary School, Indianapolis

Guaranteed: better grades, self-confidence, more free time, and fun learning! Good grades have never been more important than today. Come and learn how to get them! You will have fun and be entertained. The seminar is suitable for students of all abilities in Gr. 4 to 12. This seminar sold out early last time so call early! Get a head start on good grades.


  • Study more efficiently, in less time.
  • Ace exams!
  • Take the best notes in your school.
  • Improve your memory.
  • Tackle your textbooks with confidence.
  • Use the #1 Study Technique in the world and much more…

“I love your seminars..you are a true educator genius!!. We may look at having you come again next year for another one.” – Arlene Vanderhoeven, PAC Killarney Secondary School, Vancouver


  • It is based on the latest research on the brain an learning, not opinion.
  • It’s the real stuff from national study skills expert Terry Small! Terry has trained over 2300, 000 students.
  • It is proven to work! Clear easy to use ideas.

Thank you for the awesome session your did for the parents tonight. Very inspiring. You involved everyone and made it entertaining, and at the same time we were all learning. We hope you will come again soon. You are a genius!”
– Kulvir Mann, PAC Co Chair, Canyon Heights Elementary School, North Vancouver

“People here, parents, students, staff, cannot stop talking about the excellent presentation from last night. You are a very gifted educator – you made a long day seem very short for all our community.”                                                             – Gaileen Woytko, Director of Development & Operations, Deer Lake School Burnaby

Terry Small is a master teacher and trainer. He has presented his ideas to over 230,000 people. These ideas were recently featured on CTV, Global, BCTV, CKNW and in Student Success. His sessions are described as practical, fun, and provoking. Terry believes success is a skill anyone can learn.

Terry, on behalf of the 200ish parents and students from Frost Road Elementary that you spoke to last night, thank you SO much for your engaging presentation! Your mix of current research interspersed with common-sense strategies and practical tips … and peppered with humour, brain breaks and even magic tricks is such a rich gift. I know our children are set to greet each new day with a tool box full of tactics that work! Thank you for all you do!”                           – Sara Grant, PAC Frost Road Elementary School, Surrey

I brought my basketball team to see you. Since your presentation I used a number of your techniques and strategies within my coaching. One thing I did was to ask my team to go home and write our goals somewhere where they can see them every day. The first one was City Championship, which we won. The next one was Lower Mainland Championship, which we lost in the finals by 3 points. And finally was Provincial Championship, which we won last week for the first time in our schools history. All of the kids bought in and believed and wrote their statements/goals at home and/or as their screen savers on their phones. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your presentation not only impacted me as a person, teacher and coach but had a great impact on all of my players. Thank you!
– Rick Lopez, Senior Boys Basketball Head Coach, Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver

To book a private session of this seminar for your school or organization please contact Terry Small at:terry@terrysmall.com  or 604-535-0063.

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7:30-8:30pm (PAC家委会后)




更多信息: http://www.terrysmall.com/how-to-get-better-grades-in-school






聪明的学生都有秘诀。怎样才能成为一个卓越的学生?最重要的秘诀是有个很好的学习策略!Terry Small的学生成功体系告诉你的孩子如何掌管自己的时间,并获得成功!家长和学生一起参加本次研讨会,共同学习帮助23万学生脱颖而出的已证明行之有效的战略和学习秘诀。


“如果你有机会去参加Terry Small的演讲,你一定要去,他是令人惊讶的!”     -Anne Youngs, Chapel Glen Elementary School,  Indianapolis



  • 短时间里更有效地学习。
  • 考试拔尖!
  • 在学校里做最好的笔记。
  • 提高记忆力。
  • 自信地学习课本。
  • 使用世界排名第一的学习技术和更多…

“我爱你的研讨会,你是一个真正的天才教育家!我们期待你明年再来一次。”   – Kulvir Mann,

PAC Co Chair, Canyon Heights Elementary School, North Vancouver



  • 它是基于对大脑和学习的最新研究,不是观点。
  • 这是真正来自于国家级学习技能专家Terry Small的东西!Terry已培训了超过23万学生。
  • 已经被证明行得通的!清楚并易于使用。

“谢谢你今晚为家长开了很棒的研讨会,非常鼓舞人心的。你让每个人都参与,使研讨会有娱乐性好,同时我们都在学习,我们希望你会很快再来。你是个天才!”          – Kulvir Mann,PAC Co Chair,

Canyon Heights Elementary School, North Vancouver

​​– 你使我们很快渡过社区时间。”           – Gaileen Woytko,Director of Development & Operations,

Deer Lake School Burnaby


Terry Small是一个精通的老师和训练师,他已经为超过23万人演讲。这些使学生成功的概念最近在CTV,Global,BCTV,CKNW电视上放映。他的演讲被描述为实用,有趣,发人深省。Terry相信,成功是一种任何人都可以学习的技巧。
“Terry,4我代表昨晚听你演讲的Frost Road Elementary 200位家长和学生,非常感谢你的演讲,您穿插当前的研究和常识性的策略和实用技巧…并运用幽默,脑部休息,甚至魔术带给听众这么丰富的礼物。我知道我们的孩子都带着充满战略的锦囊迎接每个新的一天!感谢您所做的一切!”  – Sara Grant, 

PAC Frost Road Elementary School, Surrey


“我带我的篮球队来见你。自从听了你的演讲,我在我的教练中运用了一些你的技巧和策略。其中我做的一件事是让我的队员回家把我们的目标写在他们每天都能看到的地方。我们第一个赢的是市冠军杯。下一个是低陆平原冠军杯,我们决赛时以3分落败。最后上周我们赢了我们校史上的第一次是省冠军杯。所有的孩子们带入、相信、并把他们的目标写在家里或手机屏保上。我只是想感谢你,让你知道,你的演讲不仅作为个人、老师、教练影响了我,而且影响了我所有的球员。谢谢!“        – Rick Lopez,

Senior Boys Basketball Head Coach, Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver


要为你的学校或组织预订本研讨会的私人讲座,请联系Terry Small:terry@terrysmall.com或604-535-0063。